Get Involved

You are an essential part of this watershed planning process.

We want to hear your priorities and concerns when it comes to stormwater issues in Tacoma. Your input will help protect clean water and increase healthy green spaces where they are needed most in Tacoma.

April 2020 - December 2021

AUG-OCT '21 - Meetings with Community Groups 

AUG-OCT '21 - Online Open House and Survey 


SEPTEMBER 2021 - Community Workshops

Attend a community workshop

Tell us about the stormwater and watershed issues you notice in your neighborhood.

Saturday 9/25 at 1-2:30pm - Community Workshop #1


Tuesday 9/28 at 5-6:30pm - Community Workshop #2

take our survey

Share what stormwater actions are important to you 

We Want To Hear From You!

We will consider community priorities when choosing which stormwater projects to move forward with and where we do those projects. 


Empower and energize community members to help improve stormwater management solutions in Tacoma.

Gather, hear, and incorporate community perspectives and feedback on strategies and priority areas that the Watershed Management Plan should focus on.  

Increase transparency by clearly communicating how feedback informs potential stormwater management solutions.